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Local Showings is an independent, full-featured property showing software and service and is the culmination of years of technical preparation and the perfect mixture of right place, right time. Local Showings was designed to integrate with real estate organizations' existing technology and be used as either a standalone product or within the DeltaNET™.

The platform will allow agents to:

  • Schedule showings of any listing in their MLS
  • Offer a calendar view of available times
  • Generate seller reports
  • Highlight feedback
  • Facilitate communication with other agents.

Call center support is also offered, providing agents and brokerages the help they're so used to receiving from Delta Media Group, as is a no-sell guarantee.

Delta's Three Philosophies
Behind Building Local Showings

  • Create a truly independent showing management solution with a no-sell guarantee written in the contract.
  • Provide a frictionless transition for the end-user and providing all of the same tools agents are used to using within a showing management platform.
  • Don't disrupt existing budgets. Local Showings is offered at a price at or below what your currently spending on a showing solution.
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